Apple is now greener with Apple iPhone 12, but Samsung won’t understand

Curptino giant-Apple recently launched the much awaited iPhone 12 series smartphones, however, soon after the launch it became subject to humiliation and memes from other tech firms for not including adaptor with the new devices.

The firm’s arch rival Samsung posted picture of the Samsung Galaxy adapter on Facebook, and captioned it “Included with your Galaxy.”

While the dig is fun – but the tech giant’s move has  greener motives,  It’s trying to reduce waste. Hey Apple lovers, there is a reason to cherish, your Apple is Greener now.

According to the company, the decision of not including adaptor  allows the iPhone 12 series boxes to be significantly smaller and that means 70% more boxes can be shipped in the same space as compared with previous year’s iPhone boxes.

The firm says these changes will cut over 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions annually, equivalent to removing nearly 450,000 cars from the road per year. There are reasons why removing the chargers from new smartphone boxes does make a lot of sense.

At same time it will help phone makers reduce costs in a significant way, because they will be saving on resources one charger for each phone they manufacture. That number will run into millions within a few months of launch, particularly for the popular phones.

As the size of phone packaging become smaller and more compact, it will allow more to be shipped at the same time, which is definitely great news for the environment.

There will be lesser requirement of packing materials and lesser waste subsequently, and on top of that there will be less transportation, which means less pollution.

We expect more companies to come up will similar or better ideas to save the environment.

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