Spain declares climate emergency, signals move to renewables

Spain’s new government on Tuesday declared a “ emergency” and pledged to unveil a draft bill on transitioning to within its first 100 days in office.

In a statement announced after the weekly cabinet meeting, the government committed to bringing a draft bill “to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the objective of reaching neutrality by 2050” — effectively net-zero carbon emissions.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s leftwing coalition government, which took office on January 13, also committed to updating the national plan for tackling change.

The government has decided to ensure that “ change and the transition is the cornerstone for all (ministerial) departments and governmental action”, spokeswoman Maria Jesus Montero told reporters.

Environment Minister Teresa Ribera said the government had been inspired by French moves to create a public advisory panel “to generate ideas about responding to change in an inclusive, consultative way with a special focus on the youth.”

Last summer, announced the creation of a citizens’ panel on change made up of 150 people who would offer ideas and views on an array of issues touching on change “in keeping with the spirit of social justice”.

At the end of November, the European Parliament voted to declare a “ and environment emergency” in a symbolic gesture just ahead of the UN global crisis summit which took place in Madrid last month.

The motion urged efforts to ensure the “objective of limiting global warming to under 1.5 degrees C (35.7 degrees Fahrenheit)”.

It was followed by similar moves in a number of parliaments across the EU, notably in France, the United Kingdom and in Austria.

Source: PTI

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