Evonik India to showcase SEPURAN Green for Biogas purification at E Bioenergy 2021

To support the growth of the biogas and bio- sector, Indian Biogas Association (IBA), in cooperation with German Biogas Association (GBA) and supported by the Indo-German Chamber Commerce (IGCC), is organizing this Virtual ‘Bio- E-Pavilion 2021’, a two-days’ event, from February 18 to 19, 2021 on a virtual platform.

Evonik Pvt. Ltd, a part of Evonik,, is showcasing its innovative polymer-based membrane technology for efficient purification of biogas, at this Virtual event “E Bioenergy 2021”.

Evonik Team will be showcasing their membrane technology, SEPURAN Green, the unique polymer-based membranes make it possible to obtain biomethane with a purity level of up to 99% from the crude biogas.

Evonik ’s technical expert from High Performance Polymer business vertical will be presenting in one of the conference sessions on ‘Contemporary Technologies’ scheduled on February 19, 2021 from 01:00 PM to 02:30 PM, titled ‘Biogas Purification by Efficient Membrane Technology – SEPURAN Green’.

SEPURAN Green, with its patented 3-step membrane-based gas separation process significantly increases the recovery of biomethane, which has a corresponding effect on the profitability of biogas processing plants, hence making the upgrading process as efficient and economical as possible. Consequently, Evonik’s biogas upgrading technology helps conserve resources and protect the environment.

Benefits of SEPURAN Green membrane technology from Evonik:

  • High methane yield of up to >99 % and high purities >99% (patented 3-stage process)
  • Highest efficiency (~ 0.2 kWel/Nm3crude biogas)
  • Easy to operate, little maintenance –easy start & stop
  • No chemical use and no wastewater
  • Easy to scale up – containerized system

Biogas is produced by microbial fermentation of, for instance, sustainable raw materials, effluent sludge or liquid manure.

Following separation of various minor components like water vapour, hydrogen sulphide, and particularly CO2, the biogas can then be used commercially, by feeding it into existing gas grids, in combined heat and power plants, or as climate friendly fuel at filling stations.

SEPURAN Green technology can handle multiple feedstock options such as Agricultural waste (e.g. paddy straw), Press mud from Sugar industry, Cattle dunk, Poultry waste, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), wastewater treatment plants and Landfill.

Evonik India is committed to support the initiative of SATAT scheme, in line with the goals of ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’, and Swachh Bharat Mission.

Under the SATAT initiative, the Government of India envisages setting up of 5000 compressed biogas (CBG) plants by 2023-24 with a production target of 15 million tonnes, facilitating new employment opportunities and enhancing ’ income towards invigorating the rural economy.

Evonik’s membrane technology ‘SEPURAN Green’ supports the Indian Government initiatives to develop energy and ensure national while boosting the MSME sector.

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