Union Budget 2022 Expectation: Abhishek Pathak, Founder & CEO, Greenwear

Abhishek Pathak, Founder & CEO, Greenwear expects the Union Budget 2022 to lay down a 5-year plan to increase participation/usage of renewable energy resources by decentralized small industries and craft sector.

He said The government should ensure growth in procurement from start-ups working with renewable energy resources. The textile industry alone has the potential to reduce carbon footprint by a huge margin along with creating jobs at the local level. The textile and Fashion industry needs urgent reforms in order to reduce polluting earth. We are taking one step at a time and currently are very small against the problem. However, we believe that the solar-vastra value chain if added with natural fibers and organic processes will create an immense impact in reducing carbon footprint from the textile industry. If only 5% of Indian villages become solar charkha clusters (around 30,000), it can produce 180 Cr kgs cotton yarn which is almost 50% of India’s current cotton yarn capacity, and generate livelihood for 1.2 Cr people without migrating from their villages.”

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