34 municipal properties in Pune go green installing rooftop solar power systems

Pune Municipal Corporation has installed rooftop systems on its 34 properties with a capacity of generating 1.2 MW of solar power.

According to ET the corporation aims to generate 1MW of solar power for the financial year 2018-19 and to save Rs1crore annually on electricity bills.

Shrinivas Kandul, head of the PMC’s electricity department speaking to the publication said “The project has multiple aims. It will save money spent on electricity bills. We can also promote renewable energy. PMC’s plans include equipping remaining buildings of PMC with rooftop systems.”  

The actual generation and consumption of nearly 750KW power has already started from these plants. The report states that the generation of remaining around 350KW will start soon.

The power project initiative has been conceptualised on the RESCO ( Service Company) model, with zero investment from PMC. The corporation has only provided space for setting up solar plant.

Pune Municipal Corporation will have to pay Rs 3.62 kWh to use the green from these plants. The capacities of these plants range between 100KW and 500KW.


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