AEDA aims to provide solar energy to around 7,000 families

The Assam Development Agency (AEDA) is reportedly planning to provide solar to around 7,000 families under the state’s science and technology department.

According to The Telegraph AEDA is waiting for no objection certification from the Assam Distribution Company for the implementation of the solar project in the state. This project is expected to reduce dependence for power on other sources.

“The Centre has set a target of installing 40 gigawatt (GW) of in the country by 2022. The ministry of new and renewable has allocated 250MW grids connected to in Assam by 2022. Out of this, the ministry has sanctioned 14MW grids to the Assam Development Agency to implement the project in Assam for 2017-18 with 70 per cent subsidy for residential, institutional and social sectors,” said AEDA official speaking to the publication.

The main objective of the project is to ease dependence on fossil fuel-based generation and boost use of generation.


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