For round the clock renewable energy R K Singh proposed RPO

Minister R K Singh at the 6th Foundation Day of Association of Agencies of States (AREAS) has proposed (RPO) mechanism for round the clock (RTC) , which will promote of electricity in the country.

Under the renewable purchase obligation, bulk purchasers like , open access consumers and capacitive users are required to buy a certain proportion of renewable or RECs ( certificates) in lieu of clean energy.

Once the RPO is mandatory for RTC , it would encourage investments in renewable electricity projects.

“Renewable energy is economically viable today. The only rider is storage. Prices of storage will come down over time,” said Singh.

“We should bring down storage prices by increasing demand and putting up more manufacturing facilities. Once that happens the transition to renewables will be faster. More and more future projects will have storage with them,” he was quoted as saying in a statement issued by the on Friday.

“I propose to have RPO for round the clock renewable energy which will encourage storage,” Singh added.

He also urged AREAS to launch a communication campaign for promoting renewable energy.

“We will have to make people aware that this will bring down their expenses on electricity and it is good for environment. For this, Ministry can provide additional corpus fund to AREAS.

“AREAS should organize brainstorming sessions at least once in a quarter to discuss issues of renewable energy sector and come out with possible innovative solutions,” the minister added.

AREAS has been set up following an initiative to provide a knowledge sharing platform for the renewable energy sector.

The minister is the Patron of the association, while Secretary, is the ex-officio president.

All State Nodal Agencies are members of the association.

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