India’s renewable energy capacity crosses 100 GW; R K Singh says ‘landmark day’

India’s total installed generation capacity crossed 100 GW mark on Thursday and the country is fourth in the world in terms of installed capacity. The country has set an ambitious target to have 175 GW or 1,75,000 MW of energy capacity by 2022.

“The total installed capacity in India, excluding large hydro, has crossed the milestone of 100 GW. Today, India stands at 4th position in the world in terms of installed RE capacity, 5th in and 4th in in terms of installed capacity,” an official release said.

While 100 GW has been installed, 50 GW is under installation and 27 GW is under tendering. If large hydro is included the installed capacity increases to 146 GW, the release said.

“Another landmark day in the history of the Indian Power Sector. Our installed capacity (excluding large Hydro) has crossed 1,00,000 Megawatts,” Power and New & Minister R K Singh said in a tweet. Besides, the country aims to have 450 GW of energy capacity by 2030.

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