TrinaTracker Agile 1P obtained IEC Certification from CERE

Trina has announced that it has obtained IEC certification for its dual-row one in portrait (1P) tracker, Agile 1P, from the Certification Entity for Energies (CERE), an independent testing, simulation, certification and inspection organization in Europe.

The Agile series, launched eight days before certification was granted, is a new member of the TrinaTracker family after the Vanguard series launched in December.

The company in a statement notes that – Agile 1P provides reliability, greater output, optimized balance and system (BOS) and enhanced adaptability. The 1P dual-row design – along with advanced engineering, multi-drive system, global exclusive patented bearing, shorter tracker configuration and advanced SuperTrack algorithm – deliver an extra yield gain up to 8%. 

TrinaTracker Agile 1P complies with the requirements of IEC 62817: 2014 + A1:2017 Photovoltaic system design qualification of solar.

In addition, Trina has received UL certification for its Vanguard 2P tracker, facilitating the promotion of Vanguard 2P in the United States. Vanguard 2P’s gaining both IEC and UL certification demonstrates the worldwide recognition of our superb quality, including impeccable design.

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