Heraeus Photovoltaics and Ulbrich Of Austria Agree to Collaborate on Module Assembly and Packaging Solutions

Heraeus  Photovoltaics,  the worldwide leading  supplier  of  metallization solutions  to  the  PV  industry, announced  a  joint  development  partnership with Ulbrich  of  Austria,  a global  leader  in the production of  PV  ribbon  products  for  traditional  solder and conductive adhesive  technologies.  Under  this  cooperation  agreement, the two companies  will  focus  on developing innovative  products  for assembly  and  packaging  technology  in the solar  module industry. The global  collaboration capitalizes  on the market  leadership and  proven technological  track  record  of  both companies  to  bring new  innovation and performance to solar  cell  interconnection  technology.  The partnership combines  the expertise  of  Heraeus  as  the market  leader  of  silver  paste for the solar  cell  industry  and  Ulbrich’s  innovations  in  PV  ribbon technologies to increase the electrical  output  and  performance of  solar  modules.  With  its extensive  background in materials  science,  Heraeus  will  use  its  partnership with  Ulbrich  to  expand  its  renewable energy  footprint  by  establishing  a new product  line  developing  materials  for  the production of  PV  modules. According to  Dr.  Andre  Kobelt,  the  Chief  Commercial  &  Technology  Officer for  Heraeus,  “The announcement  of  this  cooperation  with Ulbrich is  an important  step  which could  significantly  lower  the cost  per  watt  for  pv module industry.  We view  this  agreement  as  an  exciting opportunity  for Heraeus  to embark  upon as  we  look  to continue  to expand  our  global footprint  in the field  of  renewable energies.”