Waaree Energies to Power Single-Location Solar Projects in Bikaner with 445 MW Supply of Bifacial Modules

India’s largest solar PV module manufacturer, Waaree Energies, partners with Statkraft India to supply 445 MW of dual glass bifacial modules for single-location solar projects …

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Plaksha University and Tabreed India Partner on “Cooling as a Service” Initiative, Aiming for Sustainable Campuses

In a groundbreaking partnership, Plaksha University, a leading technology institution in India, has joined forces with Tabreed India to develop a living laboratory on campus. …

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Ampere Primus High Speed Electric Scooter

India’s Electric Two-Wheeler Revolution: Quietly Transforming the Transportation Landscape

From bustling cities to rural villages, electric two-wheelers are redefining mobility in India with their eco-friendly and cost-effective appeal. Across India’s bustling cities and serene …

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