Trina Solar Unveils Revolutionary N-Type i-TOPCon Advanced Technology

Trina Solar showcases breakthrough technology with 26% efficiency and 700W+ module power at the International Solar Conference

Trina Solar has introduced its revolutionary n-type i-TOPCon Advanced technology to the world at the International Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition.

The highly anticipated unveiling took place on May 24 in Shanghai, captivating industry experts and enthusiasts alike.

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During the conference, Trina Solar made a significant announcement regarding the enhancement of its Vertex n-type series.

Starting next year, the series will undergo a remarkable upgrade, with the most powerful module expected to generate over 700W. This impressive feat further solidifies Trina Solar’s position as a leader in the field of solar energy.

In addition to this breakthrough in module power, Trina Solar revealed its ambitious plans for expansion. Phase II of the company’s 15GW monocrystalline silicon ingot project has commenced at its facility in Xining, Qinghai province.

Moreover, work has begun on the 10GW n-type high-efficiency cell and 10GW n-type module project located in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province. These initiatives highlight Trina Solar’s commitment to advancing renewable energy technologies.

Trina Solar also made strides in environmental sustainability at the exhibition by spearheading the establishment of a net-zero system.

The company took the lead in initiating the Environmental Product Declaration and carbon footprint certification for its Vertex N modules.

By prioritizing these measures, Trina Solar demonstrates its dedication to reducing the environmental impact of its operations.

The new n-type i-TOPCon Advanced cells developed by Trina Solar have already achieved an impressive efficiency of 26% in mass production, along with module power surpassing 700W. Dr. Chen Yifeng, associate vice president of Trina Solar, emphasized the importance of four key innovations that enable the cutting-edge i-TOPCon Advanced technology: the 210R rectangular cell, the selective boron emitter, the backside microstructure reflector, and the highly doped TOPCon structure with PECVD. These advancements have paved the way for remarkable improvements in production efficiency and module power output.

Trina Solar’s Vertex N modules, capable of delivering up to 700W of power, offer tremendous advantages for utility power plants.

These modules significantly reduce the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) and are scheduled for mass production in the coming year.

Trina Solar stands out as a pioneer in the integration of rectangular cell technology and n-type i-TOPCon Advanced technology, providing tailored solutions for diverse applications.

The Vertex N 605W modules, specifically designed for power stations in complex terrains and C&I solar stations, optimize module dimensions to maximize tracker length utilization. This design results in a 13% increase in installation capacity for single-row tracker systems. Furthermore, the modules make efficient use of container space, achieving a utilization rate of 98.5% in a 40-foot-high cube (40HC) container, leading to a 12.4% reduction in logistics costs and lower balance of system (BOS) costs for customers.

Trina Solar’s Vertex S+ modules offer a power output of 450W, providing 5.88% more installation capacity for rooftops of the same area compared to regular n-type residential modules available in the industry.

Looking ahead, Trina Solar envisions even greater advancements in solar cell technology. The application of front-side full passivation contact cell technology is expected to push the mass production efficiency of the company’s n-type cells with i-TOPCon Ultra technology beyond 27%. Furthermore, the implementation of i-TOPCon tandem technology is forecasted to enable cell efficiency to surpass 30%.

Trina Solar’s commitment to quality and reliability has not gone unnoticed. Third-party organizations such as China General Certification, RETC, and PVEL have bestowed accolades upon Trina Solar’s Vertex n-type modules for their exceptional reliability.

With the launch of the 40GW n-type cell initiative, Trina Solar is set to revolutionize global delivery through vertical integration. The ongoing projects in Qinghai and Jiangsu provinces establish a solid foundation for continuous material supply, ensuring a seamless and worry-free product delivery process.

By the end of this year, Trina Solar aims to achieve an impressive module production capacity of 95GW and a cell production capacity of 75GW, with 40GW dedicated exclusively to n-type cells.