Anupam Kumar, Co-founder and CEO, MiniMines and Arvind Bhardwaj, Co-founder and CTO, MiniMines

Interview with Co-founders of MiniMines-Anupam Kumar and Arvind Bhardwaj

Anupam Kumar and Arvind Bhardwaj delve into MiniMines’ breakthrough Hybrid-HydrometallurgyTM process and its pivotal role in shaping a sustainable future for battery technology and waste …

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Naresh Mansukhani CEO Juniper Green Energy

Interview with Naresh Mansukhani, CEO, Juniper Green Energy 

in an exclusive interview with Climate Samurai CEO of Juniper Green Energy  shares about the Factors Driving Growth, Key Challenges, and Juniper’s Role in Advancing …

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Rajeev Taneja founder of Etrica Power.

Illuminating the Path to a Sustainable Future: Interview with Rajeev Taneja, Founder of Etrica Power

In this exclusive interview discover the Vision, Strategies, and Innovations Driving Etrica Power’s Leadership in India’s Solar Industry. Here is the excerpt:- 1. Please share …

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Tanya Singhal Founder Mynzo Carbon and SolarArise

Tanya Singhal’s Journey: Pioneering Renewable Energy with SolarArise and Shaping a Carbon-Neutral Future with Mynzo Carbon

From transforming solar energy markets to leading the charge in carbon consciousness, Tanya Singhal shares insights on her entrepreneurial odyssey and commitment to sustainability. 1. …

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Jai Dhar Gupta founder Nirvana Being

Nirvana Being’s Founder, Jai Dhar Gupta, Shares the Journey of Making Clean Air Accessible to All

From Personal Crusade to Global Impact: Jai Dhar Gupta Talks About Nirvana Being’s Mission and Innovative Solutions, here is the excerpt:- Please share with our …

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Tackling the Global Tyre Crisis: An Interview with Regrip’s Co-founder and Director, Tushar Suhalka, and Serial Entrepreneur Mahavir Pratap Sharma

In an exclusive interview with Climate Samurai Tushar and Mahavir share how Regrip is revolutionizing the management of discarded tyres through circular economy principles and …

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Ankit Kedia, Founder & Lead Investor, Capital A

Driving Sustainable Change: Ankit Kedia on Capital A’s Investments and Impact

Exploring Capital A’s Focus on Climate Tech and Sustainable Solutions. 1-Can you share some insights into Capital A’s future plans and any new developments we …

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Rajat Verma Founder LOHUM

Innovating Sustainable Energy Transition: An Interview with Rajat Verma, Founder & CEO of LOHUM

In an exclusive interview with Climate Samurai Rajat shares about LOHUM’s Vision for a Greener Future, Circular Economy, India’s Role in Global Battery Recycling and …

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Prof. Raghunathan Rengaswamy, Dean (Global Engagement) & Dept of Chemical Engineering, IIT Madras

Prof. Raghunathan Rengaswamy, IIT Madras on Low-Cost Mobile Air Pollution Monitoring Framework

In an exclusive interview with Climate Samurai Prof. Raghunathan Rengaswamy, Dean (Global Engagement) & Dept of Chemical Engineering, IIT Madras shared about the mobile air …

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Dr. Jairam Varadaraj ELGi Equipments Ltd

Dr. Jairam Varadaraj of ELGi Equipments Reveals Sustainable Strategies for a Greener Future

From Resource-Neutral Operations to Carbon Neutrality: ELGi’s Path to a Sustainable Tomorrow How is the company actively contributing to a sustainable future? At ELGi, we …

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