Flying Dutch Wins World Solar Challenge 2017

The Nuon Solar team, the flying Dutch from The Netherlands, today claimed their seventh title in the Challenger class as they crossed the Official Finish Line in Victoria Square Adelaide, first in the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

They crossed ahead of USA’s Michigan, who are on track for second place, in their torpedo shaped ‘Novum’ and their best ever result in Australia. Punch Powertrain from Belgium are also on track for their best result since 2007, with a 3rd place podium finish.

It is fitting in the event’s 30th anniversary year, that the most successful team ever, crossed the line first, jubilant in their familiar orange shirts, they were swamped by their support crew, family and friends. Champagne flowed as they dragged each other into the water for the traditional dunking, synonymous with the finish line.

Nuon took the lead early and never looked back. Strategists watched the weather, energy consumption and predicted the best way through the clouds. Nuon Team Manager, Sander Koot, said they adjusted their strategy and driving style to the nerve-wracking weather conditions with wind gusts of up to 60 kilometres per hour. Aerodynamics expert for the team, Jasper Hemmes, said drivers were instructed to position the solar car in such a way to profit from the winds as if it were a sailing ship.

In the cars of the future, the Cruiser Class, who are taking the green to the mainstream, Dutch team Eindhoven, are on track for their moment in the sun tomorrow – charging towards their time target of between 11am and 2pm. Both Eindhoven and HS Bochum from Germany are south of the Glendambo and Australia’s Clenergy Team Arrow are in Glendambo with Hong Kong’s IVE just to the north.