Five ways to obtain solar-powered homes

According to a report by World Resources Institute titled “Powering Cities in the Global South”, Delhi has been chosen as the best model for power hungry cities. Electricity being the most vital form of energy, which is constantly used in our homes and offices, there are several countries which have marked a niche in using solar energy for their daily use.

With a one-time investment scenario and being the cleanest way of producing electricity, solar energy offers a constant supply adding ease to your electricity bills and keeping our environment clean.

With the upcoming future of India in mind, here are some ways to use solar energy at your homes:

Store your Solar Electricity:- The implementation is pretty much easy, and most of the time, the equipment and service provider installs the systems and connect to the main system securely.

Solar Cookers – This, as such, is a portable system and works without any electrical system or connections.

Solar Water Heaters – The heater will be at the roof along with the panels and can be installed easily by the seller. In India, few state governments also help in implementing solar heaters with a subsidy scheme attached.

Outdoor Lighting – Street lights and other outdoor lights in front of your homes can be operated by using small panels. The implementation is one-time and it runs on its own with a battery. It stores the solar energy and uses the same during the night time.

Pool and Hot Tubs – Solar power units use solar energy to heat the water and clean pools. The implementation of this system will be done by a skilled professional.

Solar Energy for Charging: All sort of battery operated devices and appliances can be charged through the solar energy like cell phones, inverter batteries, video games, reserve battery bank, and so on. This is very important and useful for high terrain, hilly areas where there is no continuous supply of electricity.


Source: ANI