Allison Transmission expands reach in electric vehicle market in Latin America

Allison Transmission has announced that Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus will be using the Allison automatic transmission in its fully electric e-Delivery truck.

Volkswagen’s e-Delivery is the first fully electric truck developed in Brazil and is equipped with an Allison 2100 Series transmission. The e-Delivery truck is targeted for urban delivery and tailored for all applications in emerging markets. Initially, it will be available in nine and eleven metric-ton gross vehicle weight (GVW) models.

The e-Delivery was recently unveiled at the Volkswagen Truck & Bus Innovation Day in Hamburg, Germany, and showcased at the Fenatran Truck Show in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus plans to commence testing of the e-Delivery truck with pilot fleets in 2018. The e-Delivery is the latest electric vehicle application using Allison fully automatic transmissions to provide customers with reduced emissions solutions.

“Allison is focused on the potential trends toward electrification, and continues to invest significant research and development efforts in this area,” said Randy Kirk, senior vice president for product engineering at Allison. “These efforts will further ensure Allison is well-positioned to meet customer demands for electrified products in the commercial vehicle space.”

The benefits of the Allison automatic in a fully electric truck application were first realized in 2015, when the SCHERM Group began using the 100-percent electric Terberg YT202-EV electric terminal tractor, equipped with an Allison 3000 Series™ fully automatic transmission, to efficiently deliver materials to the local BMW Group plant in Munich, Germany. Following SCHERM’s success, Elflein Spedition & Transport also began using a similar Allison-equipped electric truck for short-distance transports to the BMW Group plant in Leipzig, Germany. Allison transmissions’ multi-speed gearing effectively multiplies motor torque, allowing for the use of less-expensive and lighter electric motors. Furthermore, the transmission’s power take off provision is used to drive the hydraulic pump, eliminating the need for an additional electric generator.

The Allison brand has been associated with electrification since the company launched its first generation electric hybrid propulsion system in 2003. Today, Allison’s electric hybrid, H 40/50 EP™, is specifically targeted for transit bus applications. Allison Transmission is the lead system integrator and the H 40/50 EP™ controls the powertrain, including the engine. To date, Allison has sold more electric hybrid systems for commercial vehicles than any other company in the world.