Residents of Thieddieng Opposes NEEPCO’s Hydro- Power Project: Report

Residents of Thieddieng has reportedly opposed the implementation of Mawphu Hydro Electric Project, Stage II, by North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited (NEEPCO) in their land.

According to TST, Dmis P.Wanroi at a press conference alleged that people’s agricultural land were destroyed following the implementation of the NEEPCO’s hydro electric project. She further added NEEPCO had dug a tunnel in people’s land without consulting the land owners. “Even the headman is also involved,” she remarked.

An angry land owner, Simar Syierlait, asserted that she will not allow NEEPCO to use her land for the project as it had destroyed her agricultural crops, trees etc.

Interestingly, the affected residents don’t know how deep has the tunnel been dug as they were often informed that NEEPCO is only surveying the land.