Yingli Supplies All Solar Panels for a 38.4 MW PV Poverty Alleviation Project in China

Yingli Solar has announced that it is supplying 38.4 MW of solar panels to a rural distributed PV poverty alleviation project in China.

Located in Zhangbei County, Hebei Province, this project includes 128 rural distributed PV poverty alleviation plants for Zhangbei County’s remaining 128 low-income villages and each plant has the capacity of 300 Kilowatts (kW). The 128 rural distributed PV poverty alleviation plants will be constructed in one site with the total installation capacity of 38.4 MW. Once completed, it will benefit more than 10,000 low-income villagers in Zhangbei County over the next 20 years with revenues from electricity sales.

This project will utilize over 140,000 Yingli Solar panels, around 10,000 panels of which adopt advanced techniques, including Yingli’s patented Panda Bifacial panels, multi-crystalline 12 bus-bars panels and multi-crystalline black silicon panels. In addition, the project will adopt the axis tracking system to capture more sunlight by following the sun, thus increasing the power generation. The project is expected to be connected to the grid in the fourth quarter of 2017.

We are glad to supply our advanced PV panels for this poverty alleviation project in Zhangbei County, which is also the part of practice of our corporate social responsibility,” commented Bo Yu, Vice General Manager of Yingli. “With reliable quality and excellent performance, Yingli Solar panels can maximally guarantee the sustainable and stable power generation of the project, effectively increasing the income of local low-income villagers from green solar electricity sales. The project is of great significance to local poverty alleviation and environment protection.”