MYSUN Makes Going Solar Even Easier to Help Delhi / NCR Fight Air Pollution

MYSUN will wave off all the processing fees for customers for a limited time. First EMI will also be waived off under MYSUN-Flexi Pay scheme

MYSUN today announced a special scheme for its Delhi/NCR customers where it will make going solar even simpler and affordable. Taking the measure of the current situation, the company has expedited the process of going solar on its platform and also rolled out an attractive offer to increase the uptake of rooftop solar.

The company has today announced that for a limited period, all customers in Delhi/NCR going solar with MYSUN, will not have to pay any processing fee for the installation. Furthermore, the first EMI under the MYSUN Flexi-Pay scheme will also be forgone. Announcing the initiative to the media, Gagan Vermani, Founder & CEO of MYSUN said, “At MYSUN, we look at the problem of air pollution as a long term issue. With all due respect, moves like odd-even are reactive and not proactive at all. We are sure, the same problem of smog and pollution will bite us again next year and therefore we need to think of a long term solution”. Vermani went on to add, “Solar being a 25 year life cycle product is not just appealing today but also for the future and will help generations to come. It is to facilitate this mass change that at MYSUN, we have made going solar simple through our platform. But since the condition today is so bad, we had to take a proactive step and play our part, and for the same we are rolling out this limited time scheme to help more and more people in Delhi/NCR go solar”.

Vermani also added, “And the best part is today, solar is very affordable and your return on investment in Delhi/NCR region is in the tune of about 20%, which from an economical point of view is also very attractive.

The company also has over 50,000 registered rooftops on its online platform, clearly indicating that the demand for solar is ripe and citizens of the nation understand the value of going solar. It is through steps like these, not only will MYSUN help the Delhites get a better and clean environment but will also play a leading role in helping the country achieve 100 GW of solar installation by the year 2022, out of which 40GW has to come from rooftop.