Vespa’s first electric scooter Vespa Elettrica launched, will be available from 2018

Last year, Vespa announced that is working on an electric scooter and now the company has launched the scooter and named it Vespa Elettrica.

The company in a statement said “Vespa Elettrica is not an electric scooter, it is a contemporary work of art with a technological heart. It comes to life bringing the Vespa world in tow, its image and its values, its eco-friendly soul, now even more sensitive to the surrounding urban environment. And with the adoption of Vespa’s electric technology it is even more of an icon of our time, a symbol of contemporaneity and the future.”

Vespa Elettrica has a 62-mile range and can be fully charged in just four hours through a normal wall-mounted electrical outlet. According to reports the battery can last around 10 years, but will drop to 80 percent capacity after 1,000 charge cycles.

The all new electric scooter will be available in chrome grey color; however buyers can choose between seven color options for the decorative trim.

For a total answer to the growing demand for clean mobility, Vespa Elettrica also appears in the X version, which, combining a generator with the electric motor, doubles its range by always recharging of the batteries.

Vespa Elettrica will be wholly produced in Pontedera and will venture forth from there for worldwide distribution in 2018. It can be ordered online from spring 2018.