NITI Aayog releases proposal for a quick pilot on EV charging infrastructure in Delhi

NITI Aayog Vice Chairman, Rajiv Kumar, recently released a proposal to develop electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Delhi. The proposal was drafted by AC2SG in collaboration with NITI Aayog.

The proposal for the quick pilot could be used to provide a structure for EV infrastructure rollout in the Gurgaon-IGI-South Delhi-Noida corridor. This planning will make the actual rollout easier and faster and also save cost on the deployment. The planning process is based on a five-step process; 1) project kickoff, 2) formation of “long list” of locations, 3) streamlining and timing, 4) documentation and 5) wrap-up

This proposal for developing the pilot includes 55 locations with 135 charging stations of which 46 are DC quick charging stations and 89 are slower AC charging stations. This deployment would require co-operation with state governments, selected government authorities and companies as well as some private enterprises (e.g. DIAL at IGI, DLF Mall).

The plan includes a deployment timeline with first installations in November 2017.

The plan is implementable, it includes a large number of stations. Further expansion of this in Delhi NCR and other cities in India is something to be considered based on the experience from this “Quick pilot”.