Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission brings Net Metering System In Rooftop Solar PV Plant

Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission (OERC) introduced rooftop solar power plant project in August this year, now went a step ahead by inclusion of net metering system in the plant.

With net metering system, the amount of solar power consumed by a house over the monthly billing period will be free. Consumers will only pay for the units of electricity they have taken from the grid.

Deputy Director of Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency (OREDA) Ashok Choudhury speaking to journalists here said. “The present rooftop solar power plant through net metering is slightly different from the earlier power plant. Here the power plant is installed on the roof top and the electricity produced by it is used in the house or is exported. The billing is done on basis of the export and import based on which the consumers can reduce their electricity costs to a large extent.” 

As per the guidelines issued by OERC any person or government institution can install rooftop solar power plant. The consumer can install a set capacity of power plant after an agreement with the government. The amount of electricity produced from the plant should be maximum 90 percent of the total electricity consumed by the consumer annually report OdishaTV.