India is Electricity deficit, then how would it make it’s EV dream come true?

In 2016 nearly 300 million Indians did not have electricity.

I often get sarcastically questioned,

“Are you really trying to sell electric cars in India, a country that doesn’t even have enough electricity!”

If a similar thought has crossed your mind, then this article is for you.

Electricity usage of an Electric car can be equivalent (or even lesser) than a Refrigerator/Air Conditioner or Water Heater at home.

And we have millions of these appliances across India

See the explanation below – may seem you are back to school, but then this will answer that million dollar question.

Indians are buying air-conditioners at a pace faster than ever. Partly due to the higher disposable income and also due to the scorching summer year after year, without realizing that global warming is contributing to this temperature increase over the last several years.

Zero emission electric cars cannot stop global warming, but can surely make a difference if adopted on a mass scale.

The sale of ACs is estimated to reach 7.2 million in FY 2020. Imagine from today if we are able to put even 100,000 electric cars on Indian road how much vehicular CO2 can be avoided in the air

100,000 EVs * 365days X 2 years * 25km/day = 1.8 billion emission free km

~ 9.1 million kgs of CO2 avoided

So readers! Spread the word… it takes less electricity to run an Electric Car than an AC, and India can surely adopt millions of EVs inspite of not having enough electricity.

I would love to hear what do you have to say to this. Please do leave a feedback.



Shikha Krishna

|Shikha Krishna is based in India and believes in working for collaborative and happier communities. At present she is working in developing the Electric Vehicle and related segments in India.

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