Jain University organizes skill development program on ‘Solar Vehicle Design and Development’

Jain University’s School of Engineering and Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering recently organized a two-day intra-collegiate skill development program on ‘Solar Vehicle Design and Development’ for Mechanical Engineering students.

The core objective of the program is to create awareness about design aspects of solar vehicle system and its operation and utilization of renewable energies in automobiles to reduce global warming.

The workshop promoted the idea of designing modes of transportation for sustainable prosperity in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, minimizing land use and improving the utilization of renewable energy sources.

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Unfortunately, our dependence on the private automobiles is no longer socially, economically or environmentally sustainable. As a result of this the climatic conditions are deteriorating and therefore, climate change is posing a serious threat to our economy, livelihoods, ecosystems and health, said professor Ram Prasad, Head of Department – Mechanical Engineering, Jain University to The Hindu.

The workshop taught students about the advantages of vehicles run on solar power. The key speakers noted that the implementation of solar cars will be a significant step in contributing to a future with greatly diminished role for individually-owned cars.