SONDORS $10,000 EV launched at 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show


SONDORS Electric Car Company has launched their three seat, three wheel, all electric vehicle at the 2017 LA Auto Show. The prototype, nicknamed Model SONDORS, was funded in January of this year through equity crowdfunding and completed seven months later.

Founder and CEO, Storm Sondors, designed it with an eye on simplicity and affordability. “I want electric to be available to everyone,” says Sondors. “I believe affordable, clean transportation should be the norm, not the exception. You shouldn’t have to choose between a car you can afford and a car that’s electric. We can do better.”

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With an anticipated retail price of $10,000, Sondors hopes to create the tipping point necessary for mass adoption of electric vehicles.

Key Features:

  • Anticipated retail price starting at $10,000
  • Three wheeled electric vehicle
  • Two front seats and one back seat
  • Lithium Ion battery with 75, 150, and 200 mile range
  • 0 to 60 Mph in 5-8 seconds
  • Charge with regular 110V or 240V
  • Sold online and delivered directly to customers

SONDORS has launched a Regulation A+ offering to fund the next stages of development, which include a pre-production prototype and up to $20M for tooling.