CleanenerGy Logan claims their new system can make all EVs self-chargeable

CleanenerGy Logan Innovations Pvt Ltd claims that their new system can make all Electric Vehicles (EVs) self-chargeable.

Guganesan Rangaswamy , Director of the company speaking to Climate Samurai said “our R&D team has developed a news system that will help all electric vehicles self-charge. He added “ Yes! By implementing APS users won’t have to charge their EV’s repeatedly.” He added “The Akhathiren Power System (APS) can be used in Electric Vehicles (EVs) to make a self-chargeable system. In other words, EV batteries will not need additional external charging. Just start driving and drive as long as you want… the only thing that will need recharging is YOU!

The company is planning to showcase their innovation at EVREX-Hydrabed scheduled in January 6,7 2018.

CleanenerGy Logan has share a two minute video to give an idea about the APS and how it works –