DR. Srinivas Bhaskar Chaganti, Founder and MD, Cow and Calf Dairy Farms Limited

Q: Dr. Srinivas Bhaskar thank you for your time, please share with our readers in details about the (Product) innovation that you are working on

A: This technology is called “Flywheel Power Multiplication ” this paper was accepted by EESAT 2017 presented at San Diego accecepted by sandia national laboratory , north pacific laboratory

In this we consider the (1) flywheel diameter, (2) flywheel weight, (3) flywheel rotational speed achieved in the maximum time example below 10 seconds time, (4) Gravity

With a formula:- Diameter for the flywheel X Weight of the flywheel X Gravity X Efficiency is the Kwh generated using the generated Joules stored in the flywheel while rotating from 0 rpm to 1500 rpm achieved in 10 seconds time.

We have designed 144 Kg weight flywheel for 1 KW generation. To generate 1000 KW power every hour the weight of the flywheel should be 144000 Kg or  144 tons in weight.

Now coming back to the formula of flywheel power multiplication :-

Diameter for the flywheel 5 meters X Weight of the flywheel 144 tons X Gravity 9.81 X Efficiency 92% = 6498 kwh

Is the Kwh generated using the generated Joules stored in the periphery of the flywheel while rotating from 0 rpm to 1500 rpm achieved in 10 seconds time, because the sudden burst of the energy from the center to the periphery will be the maximum there by the torus ring in the flywheel will have the maximum energy for useful applications.

We have to calculate the following parameters in a flywheel power multiplication application:-

The flywheel design is a harrow ring inside and a torus ring on the periphery of the inside ring

Mass :  weight  in tons

RPM  :  rotations per minute

Surface Speed (m/sec)

Ring KE (joules)

Inertia (kg*m²)


Centrifugal Force



The motor sizing should be 2 speed motor with 700/1440 rpm. Always the 144 tons weight is divided into 16 tons per flywheel weight and 9 numbers in total to make 144 tons.  So we make the flywheel into a gear wheel and rotate the total 9 independent gearwheel as we design the planetary gear system application.

The 9 independent flywheels are fixed in a horizontal position flat on the ground. One 16 ton flywheel is in the center and remaining 8 independent flywheels are fixed and to the periphery of the   center flywheel.

The center flywheel is called as the sun gear and the remaining 8 are called the planetary gear arrangement. If each gear is 5 meters in diameter then a total of 15 diameters is the complete circle and the outside will be a ring gear and the ring gear will be to the inside of the 15 diameter circle.

The gear teeth design will be double helical and in between 2 planetary gear there will be a small Pinion to hold a 1 MW Permanent magnet generator designed for rotating at 1800 rpm.

The center of the sun gear will be a solid shaft and this shaft is fixed to the ground (like a merry go round application design)

All gears teeth will be locked with each other Gear teeth there by the centrally generated energy will be flowing inside the 9 independent flywheels equally there by the pinion gear will rotate effortlessly and rotate the rotor to generate clean and green electricity.

Please note the flywheel is designed as the gear wheel and the gear is always designed with double helical design.

The dual speed motor is connected to a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive to operate the dual speed or 2 speed motor rpm, Hz, voltage)

In total there will be 8 planetary gear wheels surrounding the sun gear and in between each gear wheel there will be a pinion gear to hold a 1 MW pmg generator with 1800 rpm.

The pinion gear will be having the two side rubbing effect coming from each side of the independent planetary gear because all 8 independent planetary gears are fixed around the sun gear so that the 2 speed motor will have very little effort to rotate the 9 independent flywheels.

The center sun gear is rotated there by the energy from the sun gear is transmitted to the planetary gear which are free to rotate.

The gear ratio of the dual speed motor to operate will be 100 rpm for the sun gear and the planetary gear will be 1200 rpm and the pinion will rotate at 1800 rpm.

So the dual speed motor will rotate the central sun gear at 100 rpm only.

Here we can take the support of the Hydraulic application to generate enough torque at the center shaft and rotate there by the central shaft will have 2400 bar pressure in the accumulator and 20000 Nm on the shaft there by the  low rpm will be constant and the rotations of the pinion will be constant throughout the rotating period including the load period of the generator.

There will be no drop in the 100 RPM of the sun gear and the pressure is maintained constantly. There will be 100 hydraulic pumps of 25 kw each. 3 MW power for motors and 2500 kw for hydraulic pumps there by 5.5 MW is the total power on the site but the consumption will be very little because of the low rpm of the motor with 100 rotations to rotate 16 tons sun gear.

All gears are used and operated as the flywheels, this one must understand. Each Pinion will have 1MW PMG generator with 1800 rpm there by 6.5 MW is generated every hour.

Here please note the 3 MW dual speed motor is rotated at 100 RPM only and if we calculate the power consumption by the dual speed motor for 100 RPM then amps consumed at 440 volts and 100 Amps consumed for rotating at 100 RPM this every one must understand very clearly. The motor is rotating only the sun gear and the planetary gears are rotated with the energy of the sun gear and all are rotated with a motor connected to the speed increasing gearbox connected to the 3 MW dual speed motor.

The speed increasing gearbox is connected to the central main shaft connected to the sun gear located in the center of the 8 planetary gears.

Once the load is applied on the independent 1 MW pmg generator then the hydraulic system will pump in enough torque to maintain the reverse torque or the negative torque or the back torque coming from the applied load and reflecting on the rpm of the sun gear.

The hydraulic system will be generating 2400 bar pressure in the accumulator and

The VFD will be showing 15 Hz , 100 amps and 440 v.

The total amps in a PMG generator of 6.5 MW capacities will be

Current type: AC three phase

Power in kilowatts: 6500 kW

Voltage type: line to line voltage

Voltage in volts: 440 V

Power factor: .9

Current in amps: 9476.70 A

Q: What has been the source of motivation to help you develop this perpetual motion machine?

A: My dear wife is my motivation , she want this innovation to come to the commercial markets all around the world.  She is against pollution and global warming and she loves clean air and greenery all around her loving planet and she always says we should get GREEN AGE on this going to be dry planet. She always says we should give a green planet to our future generation.

Q: Does it require any initial power or external forces to start, if yes please share about the source and if not share about the initiating process.

A: Yes, this requires a initial startup power to rotate the motor connected to the speed increasing gearbox and this initial pulse of power is given by a Battery Bank and this battery bank is charged by using the renewable energy applications. Please remember the motor is connected to the speed increasing gearbox and rotated at 100 rpm only. There after the sun gear in the center will excite the remaining 8 independent gears ( flywheels in the shape of gears) and will rotate at 1000 rpm and then the pinion gear will rotate at 1800 rpm.

So the motor will have zero stress and consume very little electricity from the battery bank.

Q: What would be the space required to set up the power generating machine and what will be the per unit charge for power generated from it?

A: The space required is 30 meters in diameter and 6.5 MW power generation every hour the cost per MW is 6 crores and in this technology 24 x 7 power is generated there by the cost per Kwh is very minimal.

Initial investment is Rs.6/- crores per MW then 7 MW cost is 42 Crores. In 6.5 MW every hour generation and 3 MW power consumption there by 3.5 MW is the net profit  If every hour 3.5 MW power for sale X 24 Hours X 365 Days X 1000 = 30660000 KW. If we sell each KW at 2 rupees then every year we will get 61320000 rupees . In 7 years we can pay the loan back and the plant life is 25 years max.

Here the 42 crores spent on the project is like a fixed deposit because at the end of the 25 years if we sell the 144 ton iron our money is Back and the Iron used for construction can be sold , iron from the motors , generators ,bearings etc are all sold so our invested money is always safe.  Please remember there is no input for raw material for power generation. Very little Maintenance is required

Q: Dr. Bhaskar you have been working on this project for more than a decade now, you have also dropped your queries and help request on different platforms to solve complete pipe flow analysis for velocity & pressure, can you explain us in details about it. What type of challenges did you face while working on this project?

A: I am working on 2 different technologies for energy storage applications one is using water and another is flywheel. Both work as very big Battery Banks. My paper titled “still water electrical generation” is presented to a IEEE conference.

I am fascinated by the CFD analysis and when we use the latest simulation techniques then understanding the water flow inside the pipe is very clear.  The technology is called “Still water electrical generation “ in this technology a pipe is used , in pipe Cascading power generation or a fume canal where the water flowing out is pressurized and sent into the turbine.

In this technology pressure is the most important application to rotate the generator rotor at constant rpm , here we always use 200 rpm PMG generators with 100 poles.

The pipe is having a venture effect and turbines are fixed at the end of the venture so that the water flowing inside the pipe will come out of maximum pressure and hit the turbine to rotate a PMG generator connected to a speed increasing gearbox.

The series of pipes are fixed on the slanting sloppily parabola shape roof top and the water from one pipe is transferred to the following pipe and one the empty pipe is completely filled then the second pipe will discharge the required flow suitable to rotate the turbine and the permanent magnet generator at 200 rpm.

These cascading designs are suitable any where inside the cities where there are big ponds or water bodies so the same water is made to flow inside the series of pipes and power is generated constantly.

In this technology the water head, water flow and water pressure is always constant in all the series of pipes there by each independent generator will generate constant electricity because there is no drop in the rpm of the turbine and the generator.

Q: Did you get any help from the state or central government for the project? Where did you get the support in terms of revenue to shape-up your project?

A: No we did not approach the state governments or the central governments for financial help we have pooled up from our own from my parents side and my wife’s parents side. Our families are well to do and we can raise the initial expenditure to move the innovation from the lab to the commercial markets.

Q: We have heard that if your project is embraced it would kick out other renewable energy business like solar and wind from the country. Can you explain how?

A: Always gauge each and every power generation application with the efficiency it will and it can generate in all 365 days of the year. Plant Load Factor (PLF) is the ratio between the actual energy generated by the plant to the MAXIMUM possible energy that can be generated with the plant working at its rated power and for a duration  of an entire year. Plant load factor can be defined as a ration between Plant average demand and plant maximum demand. So Plant Load Factor is very important to understand the power generation ratios coming from various fields like solar PLF is 13 to 17 % here all days in the year the sun will not shine or the ambient temperature is always not the same , wind PLF is more or less  20 to 30 % here all days in the year the wind will not blow or the air flow is always not the same, Hydro PLF 70% here all days in the year the water in the dam will not be the same , Thermal 78% coal grade is always not the same and all coal when fed into the furnace will not be utilized to make steam  ,Nuclear 90% if the raw material is not available for a long time there will be no power generation or when shut down for maintenance there will be no power generation.

For all these power plants the raw material is very important and if the raw material grade is not correct and as desired then the PLF will automatically comes down.

All power plants are designed with some basic requirements and from these requirements if any requirement is not met properly the PLF will come down immediately.

But In my technology the diameter and the weight of the flywheel are always constant there by the RPM is also in control there by the PLF is always more than 100%

This technology will require less maintenance, very little land and no raw material. Any person without any engineering knowledge can maintain their own power plants.

Q: You also reached to PMO and renewable energy ministry to explain your project and seek out some help, what happened to that?

A: In 2010, I  was present in Vibrant Gujarat and Presented my technology and appealed to then government to give me some time to explain the technology and then Implement on a trial basis, the government did not take any Interest and did not bother to look into the matter.

I have written many mails, on twitter, on face book etc where ever there is a opportunity I have written mails to every parliamentarians, there is no response. This proves there is no interest to develop Innovations.

Q: When can we expect the product using flywheel technology (the power generating machine) to be commercially available, what are the hurdles that it needs to pass before the availability?

A: This is a new technology, a new innovation and the government technical committee should come forward and perform the required tests and expose the test results to the national Press live, so that no other person or company can copy.

(This interview was originally published in Climate Samurai, January-2018 issue)

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