Gamma Technologies Acquires AutoLio Battery Modeling Software for Electric Vehicle Modeling

Gamma Technologies, LLC, a software company and the maker of GT-SUITE, announced that it has acquired the AutoLion battery modeling software business from EC Power.

AutoLion is the industry’s most advanced Li-ion battery simulation software used by battery suppliers and OEMs for both 1D and 3D battery analysis and design.

It is a predictive, physics-based, simulation tool that models internal battery electrochemical processes, thus allowing fast evaluation of a wide range of battery chemistries (including mixed chemistries) and cell designs under even extreme conditions. It also models chemistry-specific degradation mechanisms and allows prediction of battery aging over a wide range of operating conditions, as well as battery safety simulation (resistance to abuse). In addition to the advanced simulation capabilities, AutoLion includes a comprehensive electrochemical database for many different materials and chemistries used in Li-ion batteries, reducing the burden for laboratory testing for electrochemical properties.

As a result, GT users can now access this battery modeling tool under the name AutoLion-GT, integrated into GT-SUITE and also directly with our new GT-DRIVE+ solution, for direct application to electrified vehicle systems and battery thermal modeling. This allows the use of these fast-running battery models as an integral part of vehicle system simulations to model battery performance and predict battery life.

Announcing the acquisition, Thomas Morel, CEO and President of Gamma Technologies said, “This development exemplifies our commitment to our customers and users of GT-SUITE/GT-DRIVE+, by enhancing its already strong capabilities for modeling electrification concepts such as hybrids, battery electrics and fuel-cell vehicles. This combination strengthens the position of Gamma Technologies as the leading supplier of simulation tools for xEV development.”

Commenting on the transaction, Chao-Yang Wang, Founder and Chairman of EC Power explained, “As a result of the research effort that we have invested in the creation of AutoLion, it is today the leading tool among battery researchers and suppliers globally. We feel that now is the right time to take AutoLion to the next level with GT, who are well positioned as a market-leader to introduce it to all OEMs as a part of a whole vehicle simulation.”

A long-term agreement between ECP, Prof. Wang and GT assures an on-going cooperation to satisfy emerging customer needs through continued development of AutoLion and its adaptation to new technologies.


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