InventHelp Inventor Develops Efficient Charger for Hybrids and Electric Vehicles

InventHelp Inventor has developed efficient charger for hybrids and electric vehicles. An inventor from Detroit, Michigan said “I wanted to spend less money on gas I put my mind to it and developed a system that extends the battery life of hybrid and electric vehicles.” He added “It uses wind power to recharge the battery so that you do not have to fill up as often.”

The investor developed the patent-pending VEHICLE TURBINE CHARGING SYSTEM to allow the vehicle to travel further on a single tank of gas. This saves money at the pump by reducing the need to refuel as often. According to the developer the system improves the range of hybrid and electric vehicles. It recharges the battery using renewable energy. Furthermore, the idea is adaptable for use with both new and existing vehicles.

The original design was submitted to the National Sales office of InventHelp. It is currently available for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers.


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