Villages in interior areas are being brought under solar energy supply in Arunachal Pradesh: Min

Arunachal Pradesh Power Minister Tamiyo Taga said villages in interior areas are being brought under solar energy supply and the cent per cent electrification of all villages in the state was on to meet the April end target of this year.

“We have classified all the un-electrified villages in the state in two categories off grid and on grid keeping in view their geographical locations,” the minister told the Assembly.

He said 903 villages located at interior areas in the state have been classified as off grid villages and would be electrified by solar energy.

“The Solar Energy Corporation of India has taken up the project,” he said adding that electrification of 301 grid villages was going on in the fast track and would be completed by April this year.

Responding to the charges of the opposition members, the minister said that the previous government had wrongly entered many un-electrified villages in the state as electrified villages under the Rajiv Gandhi Gram Jyoti Yojana (RGGJY) which had led to the delay in electrification.

“We have overcome the issue and efforts to electrify these villages are going on smoothly,” he said adding that with Arunachal being a calamity-prone state, power supply in it was disrupted frequently due to landslide and flood.



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