KYMCO Launches Electric Scooter Solution “Ionex” at Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2018

KYMCO launched Ionex at Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2018, marking the beginning of a new era of electric scooters with its innovative vehicle designs and open energy platforms.

Ionex is a game-changing electric scooter solution that eliminates all barriers to go green, here are the key features :-

  • With the Ionex scooter architecture, the electric scooter for the first time overcomes the compromises associated with electric vehicle design. The scooter is smart, thoughtful, and head-turning cool.
  • With the Ionex energy architecture, charging no longer means waiting. While the battery is being charged, the electric scooter still allows riders to ride and take care of business.
  • With the Ionex charging architecture, a full-range of innovative solutions cover all private and public charging scenarios. Every morning riders start with a full charge. Shared outlets and public charge lockers are everywhere. The maximum range is 200 km with extra batteries added.
  • With the Ionex public charging infrastructure, policy makers have an economically feasible plan for implementing a green revolution on a local or national level. Governments now have a complete game-changing blueprint to go green.

Electric is one of the most significant transformations of personal transportation,” said Allen Ko, Chairman of KYMCO. “With Ionex, we want to make the world greener, to make our cities cleaner, and to make electric a practical reality for consumers worldwide. KYMCO is committed to making an impact at the juncture of the most important transformation in recent history.”


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