Larson Electronics Launches Explosion Proof Solar LED Strobe Light with Group B Rating

Larson Electronics EPSLED-HBNM-SOL-80C-C1D2-20C
Larson Electronics EPSLED-HBNM-SOL-80C-C1D2-20C

Larson Electronics has launched an explosion proof, solar-powered LED strobe light for flammable environments. The system carries a Class I, Division 1 & 2 (Class I, Division 2 panel assembly); Class I, Zone 1 & 2; and Class II, Division 1 & 2 ratings.

A Group B rating allows the LED strobe light to be used in facilities where combustible gas and liquid-produced vapor can be found, such as hydrogen plants.

The EPSLED-HBNM-SOL-80C-C1D2-20C is equipped with a cutting-edge Class I, Division 2 rated solar panel, which provides power to four, 12V 18aH sealed lead acid batteries.

The power cell components are located inside of the panel and not the light. Operators may mount the panel outdoors for maximum exposure to sunlight.

Included with this unit is a heavy-duty 80-foot 10/2 SOOW cord, connecting the explosion proof solar panel and batteries to the explosion proof LED strobe light.

The explosion proof LED strobe lamp is a compact, 10-watt device for signaling in flammable facilities. Featuring a strobe count of four seconds, the fixture offers 1,050 lumens of light during use.

A 360-degree beam angle and strobing flood configuration ensures maximum visibility in the work site. When ordering this unit, customers may customize the color of the lamp.

Color choices include the following: red, green, blue, amber or white. Mounting options for the explosion proof LED strobe fixture: ceiling, wall or pendant.

This solar-powered, explosion proof LED strobe light offers automated functionality and features for hands-free operation.

Day-night sensing turns on the LED strobe lamp after sunset and turns off the unit at sunrise. Motion sensing features activate the explosion proof LED strobe fixture upon detecting movement within the range of the sensor.

Customers may choose a preferred operational mode when placing the order. Manual on/off controls (no automation) and no special features are also available choices.

Suitable for wet environments, the EPSLED-HBNM-SOL-80C-C1D2-20C complies with UL 844, UL 1598 (Marine Type) and CSA C22.2 No. 250/137.