Larson Electronics Releases 21.3′ Solar LED Light Tower with 4 300W Solar Panels

Larson Electronics released a solar powered LED light tower system that features four 300-watt solar panels providing 26 hours of runtime per charge, a telescoping 4-stage light tower that deploys four 750-watt LEDs up to 21.3 feet, a 360º rotating boom, six 200aH gel batteries, a Morningstar PS-30 solar controller and a junction box.

The entire assembly provides is mounted on a single axle aluminum trailer for easy transportation, making this light tower ideal for remote and rugged locations.

The SPLT-1.2K-LM21-FM-6X200AH-4X750LTL-RPS-CPR from Larson Electronics is a portable, solar powered LED light tower.

This powerful lighting system is equipped with four 300-watt solar panels, four 750-watt LED fixtures and six 200aH gel deep cycle lead-acid batteries.

The solar panels have a 30-degree tilt for optimized sunlight exposure and provide 26 hours of runtime on a single charge. The power cells come with an expected lifespan range of 5-7 years.

The LED units operate on 24V DC and provide 390,000 lumens of white light, perfect for lighting up large wide-area worksites.

Rounding out this complete lighting solution is a telescoping 4-stage aluminum light mast that safely deploys the LED light heads up to 21.3 feet using a manual lifting system.

A Morningstar PS-30 controller manages power storage and allocation between the solar panels and batteries. All the electrical components are enclosed within a NEMA 3 job box bolted to the trailer, which features an air circulation system that runs at 1400 CFM when ambient temperature exceeds its peak.

All electrical components in the SPLT-1.2K-LM21-FM-6X200AH-4X750LTL-RPS-CPR are mounted on a single-axle trailer with 185R/14C tires/rims.

This solar powered light tower is ideal for operators who need a temporary light source and want something more environmentally efficient,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics . “This tower has everything you need to light up large areas for live events and concerts, or law enforcement and military operations.”


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