KSEB aiming for 1,000 MW installed solar power capacity by 2021

The Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) has reportedly set itself a target of 1,000 MW installed solar power capacity by 2021.

According to TNIE, to mark the first step KSEB has joined hands with the Agency for Non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology (ANERT) to generate 500 MW through roof-top solar panel units which will be established in government buildings – including schools and hospitals – and private buildings, including residences.

In the long run, KSEB expects to achieve the target of 1,000 MW in installed capacity exploiting public and private participation in roof-top, ground-mounted and floating solar panel options.

Electricity Minister M M Mani inaugurating a two-day workshop organised jointly by KSEB and ANERT said ‘’The target is 1,000 MW in the next three years. Harnessing of solar power is the practical solution as the government sees it.’’ He further added ‘’KSEB’s consumer base has risen to 1.24 crore but internal generation is stagnant at 30 per cent. Internal hydropower generation potential is entangled in controversies and the maximum potential from small hydro projects is only 300-400 MW.

The state government is looking to explore the possibilities of using public and private buildings to install solar as part of the programme in all districts.

KSEB CMD N S Pillai underlined the need for a viable financial model to ensure maximum solar energy penetration in the state.

’Compared to other states, solar penetration is meagre in Kerala. The total installed capacity is just over 100 MW and KSEB needs to have 1,000 MW to achieve its renewable energy obligations,’’ he said to the publication.


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