Installed capacity of renewable energy nearly doubled since 2014: Govt

The installed capacity of renewable energy in India nearly doubled in just four years said the government.  The cumulative renewable energy installed capacity in 2014 was 36 GW and now it stands to 70 GW.

The twitter handle of government’s one of the major program “Make In India” posted, “Through international solar alliances, financial incentives & large scale infrastructure creation, #NewIndia is rising up the ranks of energy responsible countries. Installed capacity of renewable energy has nearly doubled since 2014 #IndiaMeansBusiness.”

India’s renewable energy production now stands well ahead of the total electricity generation of nations such as Philippines and Belgium.

A total of 100 billion units of power have been generated in the country during the year 2017-18 from renewable  sources.

Make In India further tweeted “with 70 GW installed renewable power capacity, renewable power has a share of over 20 percent of the total installed capacity in the country.”

Renewabls has become cheaper and could significantly reduce dependence of conventional energy sources.  India is at the forefront of this change by having the fastest growing renewable energy programmes in the world.

With over 300 days of clear sunny days in India and a coastline of 7,517 km, India has the perfect circumstances to harness the clean energy generated from solar and wind energy.

Recently Anand Kumar, Secretary, New & Renewable Energy said India now has the 5th largest installed capacity of renewable energy globally. “India would achieve its target of 175 GW of installed renewable energy capacity well before 2022.”


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