CleanMax Solar Donates a Solar Plant of 6.4 kWp to Ahinsa Sthal in Delhi

CleanMax Solar has donated a rooftop solar plant of 6.4 kWp to Ahinsa Sthal, a prominent Jain temple in Meherauli, Delhi. With this installation, Ahinsa Sthal has taken a step towards environment conservation by adopting solar energy.

The temple is estimated to save Rs 50,000 on its electricity expenditure every year by replacing more than 35% of the temple’s electricity consumption. This recently commissioned plant is also equipped with net-metering facility, allowing the temple to export 25% of the solar energy back to the grid.

Commenting on the occasion, Kuldeep Jain, Founder & Managing Director, CleanMax Solar, remarked, “India is a diverse and pluralistic nation with countless temples, mosques, gurudwaras, churches and other institutions, reflecting the devotion of their respective communities. When such institutions move towards sustainability, they set an example for the public to adopt sustainable ways of living. We are extremely happy to help Ahinsa Sthal reduce its dependence on conventional sources of energy and adopt rooftop solar projects to meet their daily power needs.”

Vinod Jain, Trustee, Ahinsa Sthal expressed, “We are thankful to CleanMax Solar for donating this solar plant to our temple. We believe the future is in preserving nature and utilizing renewable resources to meet our daily needs. Due to this installation Ahinsa Sthal is replacing more than 35% of its electricity consumption. As the disciples of Lord Mahavira, we believe in non-violence towards not only humans but also nature. This initiative is a significant step towards reducing carbon footprint without harming any natural resources.”