Audi India gearing up to launch luxury electric car in India in 2020: Report

Audi is reportedly gearing up to launch a luxury electric car in India in 2020 and is currently working on training of employees and dealers.

According to BS the company is planning to sell electric cars at select dealers in few cities and dealership would need to have a charging station.

Rahil Ansari, head, Audi India speaking to the publication said “The government has clearly sent a message that EV is the future and not hybrids while introducing the goods and services tax (GST) last year. For the past nine months, we have been working heavily on the infrastructure. We have set up a task force called Electrified India within the company to work on the EV launch in India.” He further added “Globally, we are launching four EVs by 2020. By 2025, a lot more models will be added. Our expectation is that Audi will sell 800,000 EVs globally a year in 2025, which should then be roughly one-third of the global volume. We are in a position to launch an EV in 2020 latest here in India but we will do so once the infrastructure is in place and there is clarity on all fronts. Launching is the easiest part.”

The company is training its employees and dealers on EVs.  Dealers need wiring, charging stations and the company will work on these over the next one and half year.

Ansari said that Audi will not sell its electric cars everywhere in the country and not at all the dealership. The electric cars will also be different from the one being sold in the country.


Audi aims to sell approximately 800,000 fully electric cars and plug-in hybrids in 2025

Can drive in EVs in India by 2020 if infra is ready: Audi India

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