Solar car developed by students in Agra will protect Taj Mahal from pollution

A four-seater solar car that can attain a top speed of 30 kmph has been developed by students of an engineering college in Agra to protect the Taj Mahal which, as per some reports, is slowly turning brownish-yellow due to rising air pollution in the city.

Priced at Rs 50,000, the car named ‘Nexgen’ has been created by students of ACE college of engineering and management, Agra using recycled and and scrap materials.

However, the vehicle is sturdy enough to be used ion rural areas, Sanjay Garg, Chairman of the college told PTI.

With petrol and diesel vehicles contributing overwhelmingly to the city’s already polluted skyline, the zero-fumes solar car can help clean up the air, Garg said.

“Our solar car can help a lot in bringing down pollution levels. It can be used in the night as well as a battery has been provided,” said Sanyam Agarwal, project director.

“India has enough sunlight round the year. It can be widely used even in rural areas,” Agarwal added.

The students said solar cars for one or two people have been developed abroad, but theirs can easily seat four.

The maximum speed is 30 kmph, more than enough for cities like Agra with perpetual traffic snarls, the students said.

The operational costs and the maintenance expenses are low and the spare parts are easily available, they added.

“If solar cars become popular, our dependence on petrol and diesel will reduce and emissions will remain under control,” Akash Gupta, team leader said.

Source: PTI