Triton Solar Brings Affordable Solar Based Power Backup Solution to India

Triton brings user-friendly and pocket-friendly Backup Solutions From 10KWH to 10MWH of requirements. The offering is live for entire India. From common households to manufacturing units to small commercial setups to mission critical healthcare institutions, Triton’s offerings covers customers of almost every size and type.

New Jersey Based Triton Solar introduced their Solar based Power Backup solutions for the Indian market. The Triton’s unique Power Backup solution comes as a service offering delivered on easy monthly rental plans.

With this offering from Triton Solar, customers can avail the solar-based power backup solution for all their power needs including mission critical and regular household operations on an extremely affordable rental plan. For example, a 10KWH backup solution can be offered at a very appealing monthly rental plan.

Commenting on the landmark offering for the Indian consumers, Himanshu B. Patel, Founder Chairman of Triton Solar stated, “Power availability in India is a subject of very critical importance. At Triton, we always focused on creating a robust, innovative and affordable solution for the power backup. In our bid to innovate, we used our unique printed solar panel technology and designed a robust working model which can be installed at the customer premise. The entire solution will be offered in a package of service which will ultimately at affordable cost considering a strong mass appeal.”

The solar backup solution is offered to the customer on a simple monthly rental plan and the customer doesn’t need to pay any amount upfront for the installations.

Conventional power backup solutions have a lot of limitations. The biggest challenge of fuel consumption followed by the crisis of air and noise pollution makes it incomparable with Triton Solar’s Power Backup solution.

In addition to the above-mentioned points that make the conventional power backup solutions very unaffordable and costly the overall experience of power backup is usually not so good in the diesel based power generators. For example, whenever the power goes down, our back solution takes less than 5 mile-seconds to switch over. Imagine a hospital or even a manufacturing facility where the availability of power means everything, our solution give almost a seamless experience whenever power switching takes place,” says Himanshu B. Patel.

The solution can start from 12 KV and it goes up 10 MW. “From households to commercial setups, including high voltage mission-critical requirements for facilities such as data centers, healthcare institutions, schools, commercial places, manufacturing facilities and so on our solution is a one-stop redundant solution that fits all,” he further commented.

As a business background, Triton Solar LLC is the producer of high quality, highly efficient solar cells, flexible lighting, and batteries. Triton Solar is the only company in the world to provide hybrid solar panels that not only generate power but also store it for use at a later time.

This is done without communication to the electric grid, making our solar panels the most efficient on the market. Company’s nanotechnology is applied to printed lighting and batteries, which can be customized for multiple applications.

Triton Solar serves small business owners, educational institutions, and national governments to help with their ‘go green’ project management needs. Any business house, commercial or individual who demand efficient, sustainable energy solution will ultimately get attracted towards Triton Solar’s Power Backup solutions.


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