SimpliPhi Power and OutBack Power Unveil AccESS Residential Energy Storage System

SimpliPhi Power and OutBack Power have announced the availability of a SimpliPhi AccESS + OutBack residential energy storage system for the European market. The unit will be unveiled as part of the OutBack display at Intersolar Europe in Munich from 20 June and 22 June at stand B1.182.

No matter where homeowners are in the world, AccESS offers a turn-key residential energy storage and management system that delivers top performance and reliability without any risk of thermal runaway or fire — unlike other lithium ion batteries that utilize cobalt that have been making headlines,” says SimpliPhi CEO Catherine Von Burg. “SimpliPhi’s central mission is to provide people globally with access to power wherever and however they need it, and AccESS + OutBack makes achieving energy security as efficient, safe and cost effective as possible. OutBack has been a long standing partner in our military and humanitarian deployments, so we  trust the reliability and durability of their equipment, and the AccESS + OutBack for Europe is further testament to the robust energy solutions we are able to bring to market together.”

The AccESS + OutBack unit combines SimpliPhi’s cobalt-free, non-toxic LFP batteries with OutBack’s Radian Series inverter/charger featuring advanced battery charging, FLEXmax charge controllers, and OutBack’s communications and system management – all in a NEMA 3R outdoor-rated cabinet.

Available with 14 kWh of storage, the AccESS can scale up for additional power output and capacity and be safely installed indoors or outside in temperatures from -4° to 122° F on- or off-grid. The AccESS can be charge with solar, grid or generator power and comes pre-wired and programmed.

We are excited to be showing the SimpliPhi + OutBack AccESS system in our booth at one of the largest renewable energy shows in the world, as AccESS is truly a solution aimed at the global solar plus storage market,” said Brandon Provalenko, vice president of commercial operations at OutBack Power. “The combination of OutBack and SimpliPhi has already proven successful in numerous applications and installations around the world. We expect the AccESS system will only continue that track record of success.”