GoSun Introduces a New Solar-Electric Oven

GoSun, (www.gosun.co), is now looking to revolutionize the way people cook with its latest model, The Fusion, giving consumers the ability to steam, bake, or roast without fuel, anytime, anywhere.

GoSun created the Fusion to make outdoor cooking easier, cleaner, and more accessible, enabling anyone to cook without fuel anytime, anywhere thanks to GoSun’s advanced thermal performance and new electric capability. By addressing solar cooking’s greatest weakness, reliability, GoSun is making fuel-free cooking accessible like never before.

GoSun products have been developed for use where energy matters: when boating, out camping,  preparing for emergencies, or just living a more resourceful lifestyle. The Fusion is ready for action, incorporating cutting-edge design and material’s technology into a sustainable package everyone can utilize, day or night, outdoors or indoors.

As with GoSun’s other breakthrough ovens, the Fusion is ultra-efficient, incorporating solar energy into a vacuum insulated oven with the ability to cook through the clouds and freezing cold, all the while remaining safe to touch. However, the Fusion goes beyond the abilities of GoSun’s other ovens by incorporating an electric heating element into an oven that allows you to cook indoors. Better yet, this electric heater is five times more efficient than a typical oven, allowing the stove to be powered by a compact lithium-ion battery.

Patrick Sherwin, GoSun’s founder and CEO, said the Fusion is the culmination of six years of work, optimizing GoSun’s unique vacuum tube oven and combining it with 12-volt electric heating, creating much more than a solar oven.

“With reliability and portability that has never been possible with solar or electric ovens, the GoSun Fusion creates an unparalleled experience,” Sherwin said. “I’m committed to using more solar energy for all the right reasons – health, economics, jobs, climate change, etc. Over the past two decades, I’ve searched for a single cooking solution to keep up with a fast-paced life full of travel and adventure. The Fusion is that solution.”

The GoSun Fusion is:

  • Accessible: Low-cost and capable of feeding five people
  • Portable: Weighing only 10 lbs. for easy transport, easy to set up, handle and move
  • Versatile: An electric heating function that allows you to cook indoors and at night
  • Durable: Built for active, outdoor use and to absorb abuse during transport

Features of the GoSun Fusion include:

  • Fast and Hot – Meals in minutes, cooks at 350°F, 177°C
  • High Capacity – Feeds five, 3.2-liter volume
  • Cool to Touch – Vacuum insulated, unbelievable thermodynamics
  • Wide Weather Tolerance – Solar power can be used through clouds and freezing cold
  • Integrated Electric Heating – 150-watt heater allows cooking anywhere, anytime
  • Portable and Durable – 10 lbs. (4.5kgs), weatherproof, rugged frame, shock tolerant