ZNShine Solar Bags Bid to Supply PV Modules to BHEL

ZNShine Solar has bagged the bid to provide 37.5MW of PV modules to Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), India’s largest power generation equipment manufacturer.

The deal makes ZNShine Solar the first overseas module supplier to win contract with BHEL. It also represents a critical step for ZNShine Solar as it moves to expand its presence in the India market.

The reason that ZNShine was able to stand out among many local competitors during the bidding is owing to its high-quality products, customized local services, as well as ZNShine’s newly developed graphene-coating (nano technology) solar modules said the company in a statement. Graphene-coating technology has self-cleaning property. According to the contract, 10% of the shipment will be graphene-coating solar panel and all deliveries will be made by October.

Thanks to our winning of the BHEL project, we can introduce our graphene-coating modules to the global market. It is what we are most proud of,” said Qian Li, Marketing Director at ZNShine Solar. “The Indian PV market there has been growing rapidly in recent years, we are targeting its potential and huge demand. As of June, our total shipments to India have reached to approximately 1GW, making ZNShine one of this market’s major suppliers of PV modules. We are also planning to build with our local partner an integrated production line there that includes silicon wafer, cells and modules.”

The graphene module is considered to be very important for India as the country suffers from dust storms, which may result in the burden of cleaning and maintenance at power plants with high labor costs. Nowadays, PV modules require manual work to clean the surface, this may cause PV cell crack or residual water stains on the module surface.

ZNShine Solar’s self-cleaning graphene modules will make the cleaning much easier while reducing the operational costs. In addition, graphene-coating modules maximize the light transmittance (94.3%), which increase the power output by 0.5% to 1%.

In addition to BHEL, ZNShine Solar has built long term relationship with a range of renowned companies in India, some deals will also include graphene self-cleaning modules.