Exicom to supply Lithium Ion Batteries to Kinetic Green

Exicom has entered into a partnership agreement with Kinetic Green to provide them advanced Lithium Ion Batteries for application in their E-Rickshaws.

E-Rickshaws are going to become back bone of Indian Transport System as they provide noise & pollution free “first & last” mile connectivity in the most economical manner.

The use of Exicom lithium-ion batteries in E-Rickshaws have many benefits including high Energy Density leading to low weight thereby operating for more kilometers between charges, fast charging time of 2 hours, long life of 1500+ cycles, low self-discharge, higher efficiency i.e. 25% low charging cost, zero maintenance, no requirements for water Top- Up, option of 2 cycles per day and many others, said the company in a statement.

Exicom is one of the largest suppliers of Li-ion batteries in India with a deployment of more than 650MWhr. Exicom’s ‘Make in India’ Lithium ion batteries and Chargers with Intelligent BMS have all the safety features to protect the battery and vehicle in turn.

Exicom lithium-ion batteries comes with in-built BMS which allow user to get complete information on number of charge and discharge cycles of the battery which helps him in providing hassle free service. Further to this, battery provides complete information to driver on Dashboard about charging requirement, kilometers remaining for charging etc.

Speaking on the partnership Anant Nahata, Managing Director, Exicom said, “Kinetic Green’s selection of Exicom as its partner is a testament of our world-class battery and charging infrastructure solutions. We’re thrilled to play a significant role in our country’s transformation towards electric mobility.”

The company said Exicom is committed to realize the vision of making India a 100% Electric Vehicles nation and aims to support Government’s mission of shifting 30% of country’s fleet to electric mode by 2030.