Delta Launches Battery Energy Storage Skid Solution at Intersolar North America 2018

Delta has announced the launch of its Battery Energy Storage Skid (BESS) Solution for industrial and commercial applications, as well as upgrades to its residential energy product portfolio at Intersolar North America 2018.

Delta’s pre-engineered BESS is a fully integrated battery storage system with PCS scalable from 125kW to 500kW, energy storage up to 2MWh, and capable of adapting to the various energy, power and performance requirements of commercial energy users, including peak shaving, optimized load management, self-consumption and optimization of renewable energy sources.

For the residential sector, Delta’s energy storage solution brings together the company’s leading E-series inverters along with top-of-the-line batteries to create an all-in-one turnkey solution that can be installed seamlessly in as few as 15 minutes.

“The shift to greater reliance on renewable energy, in combination with growing applications for battery power and microgrid-compatible solutions, has made power consumption more complex and dynamic than ever,” said M.S. Huang, president of Delta Electronics (Americas). “It’s critical that energy users have the infrastructure in place to adapt to long-term trends, and fluctuating daily energy demands, easily and quickly. Our BESS helps to fulfill this need for the industrial and commercial sectors, providing customers with an end-to-end solution, while our residential products continue to empower homeowners to take control of their energy consumption.”

Battery Energy Storage Skid Solution

Flexible in its design and able to scale up to a capacity of PCS 500kW/ESS 2MWh, Delta’s BESS provides an ideal solution for various power, capacity and cycle life needs. Developed for outdoor applications, the system is rugged and durable, with a compact and modular skid-mounted design based on industry standards for cabinet solutions. The format ensures that this investment is protected against harsh environmental conditions and continues to operate at maximum performance even in extreme temperatures.

The solution offers a variety of application advantages for users, including optimization of self-consumption from renewable and combined heat and power (CHP) systems. With Delta’s BESS, users can also capitalize on a range of grid services, including frequency regulation, renewables smoothing and power quality improvement, as well as facilitate demand charge management and time-of-use optimization. For those integrating electric vehicle (EV) charging stations into their facilities, Delta’s BESS can also provide charge management. Additionally, the solution can serve as a backup power supply, ensuring continuous operation in the event of grid power outages.

The BESS system consists of three main components: (1) Delta’s battery inverter unit (PCS – power conditioning system); (2) the Delta-BESS-DC solution, which includes its battery modules, battery management system, switchgear and active cooling in one unit; and (3) an AC panel to recombine the AC output of multiple inverters. All components are factory-assembled and tested, reducing installation time and costs normally associated with field assembly.

Residential Energy Storage

Using Delta’s residential energy storage system, homeowners can easily monitor and manage their energy output and consumption, enhancing the value of energy production from PV panels, reducing overall energy costs and even creating savings. The solution is composed of battery technology; and Delta’s E-series hybrid inverters, capable of power backup applications, AC- and DC-coupled energy storage, and microgrid or dark start operations. Designed with ease-of-use in mind, Delta’s home energy solution comes equipped with 15 minute installation through mobile app, One Click service through mobile devices, cloud-based monitoring, auto grid selection, auto PV input detection and “Over-The-Air” software upgrades.