Integrate to Innovate Programme for energy Startups

Invest India has joined hands with energy sector companies to offer a unique lab-to-market opportunity for Indian startups through the Integrate to Innovate Programme.

Integrate to Innovate is a 3-month corporate acceleration programme for energy startups housed at the corporate premises.

The application for the programme is hosted on Startup India Hub – an online platform bringing together all stakeholders of the Indian startup ecosystem. The programme provides an opportunity for collaboration and conversation around valuable energy transitions, offering startups an opportunity to bring their ideas to life with the guidance and support from corporates.

The selected startups will receive a cash prize grant of upto ₹ 5 Lakh per startup along with an opportunity to pilot their product with corporates. The corporates would offer them access to technology, technical and commercial mentorship and access to potential customers through the corporate network of partners.

Entries are invited from innovators across various stages of the energy life-cycle—generation, transmission and distribution, storage and consumption—in multiple sectors such as households, farm, industry, infrastructure, building, utility and transport. The winners will be assessed on select parameters such as the breakthrough nature of the innovation, business viability and scalability potential.

In these categories specific areas of interest for the Integrate to Innovate programmeinclude:


  • Home Automation
  • E-commerce marketplaces for smart home products and installer/support services
  • Rooftop solar & home energy storage


  • EV and EV infrastructure
  • Gas powered trucks


  • Waste to Value


  • Renewables
  • Grid and micro-grids
  • Storage battery
  • Sensors, drones, data analytics, workforce mobility
  • Cybersecurity


  • Metering, Billing & Customer analytics
  • Demand response & distributed energy resource management systems
  • Transactive energy, blockchain based energy trading and energy marketplaces


  • Energy efficiency and cooling
  • B2B e-markets
  • Automation efficiency
  • Predictive asset management (IoT and AI)

The last date to apply for the programme has been extended to August 10, 2018.

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