MNRE amends National Wind-Solar Hybrid Policy

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has brought an amendment to the national wind-solar hybrid policy. In the amendment the ministry has removed the word battery from relevant clauses in a bid to encourage use of other means of power storage device in Wind-Solar hybrid projects.

Further, the ministry has emphasized on the use of pumped hydro, compressed air and flywheel technology for the power storage purposes.

The minister notes “The undersigned is directed to refer to National Wind-Solar Hybrid Policy issued by this Ministry vide OM dated 14-05-2018 and the issue of ‘storage’ in said Policy, wherein storage was defined in terms of battery storage only. This restricted usage of other forms of storage such as pumped hydro, compressed air, flywheel, etc., under the Hybrid Policy. To broaden the definition of storage the word ‘battery’ is removed from relevant clauses (1.6 and 5.4). “

The clause 1.6 now reads – “To smoothen the wind solar hybrid power further, appropriate capacity of storage may also be added to the project.” While clause 5.4 reads –  “Storage may be added to the hybrid project (i) to reduce the variability of output power from wind solar hybrid plant; (ii) providing higher energy output for a given capacity (bid/ sanctioned capacity) at delivery point, by installing additional capacity of wind and solar power in a wind solar hybrid plant; and (iii) ensuring availability ot firm power for a particular period. Bidding factors for wind solar hybrid plants with storage may include minimum firm power output throughout the day or for defined hours during the day, extent of variability allowed in output power, unit price of electricity, etc.”

Power storage is going to play a significant with the rise of renewable energy usage in the country.