Bengal govt promoting renewable energy sources: Mamata Banerjee

The West Bengal government is drawing up several schemes for the promotion of solar power and other sources of renewable energy, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said.

On the National Renewable Energy Day, Banerjee made a reference to ‘Aloshree’, a scheme taken up by her government to fit solar panels in all government offices and educational institutions.

“Today is #NationalRenewableEnergyDay. Our State Govt is drawing up major schemes for the promotion of solar power & other sources of renewable energy like tidal power in #Bangla,” Banerjee wrote on her Twitter handle.

“One such scheme is ‘Aaloshree’ under which roofs of all government offices & schools are being fitted with solar panels. #NationalRenewableEnergyDay,” she added.

The National Renewable Energy Day, also called Akshay Urja diwas and celebrated on August 20 every year, is an awareness campaign on the developments of renewable energy in the country.

Source: PTI