Schneider Electric Joins Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles

Schneider Electric has announced that it has joined the Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles, an initiative made up of 76 companies seeking to spur progress on renewable energy and achieve their sustainable energy goals.

With this agreement, Schneider Electric further advances its progress toward its sustainability goals. In addition to joining the Buyer’s Principles, Schneider Electric previously committed to sourcing 100 percent renewable electricity by 2030.

As the megatrends of urbanization, industrialization and digitization continue to increase energy demand, we must move towards a more sustainable, efficient future,” said Kevin Self, senior vice president of strategy, business development and government relations for Schneider Electric. “The Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles initiative provides companies with the support and opportunities needed to help businesses achieve their renewable energy goals. We very much look forward to our continued work with this initiative to enable our company and others to contribute to the creation of a greener, healthier world.”

As part of the initiative, companies, including Schneider Electric, are seeking the following from the marketplace:

  • Greater choice in options to procure renewable energy.
  • Cost competitiveness between traditional and renewable energy rates.
  • Access to longer-term, fixed price renewable energy.
  • Access to projects that are new or help drive new projects to reduce energy emissions beyond business as usual.
  • Increased access to third-party financing vehicles as well as standardized and simplified processes, contracts and financing for renewable energy projects.
  • Opportunities to work with utilities and regulators to expand choices for buying renewable energy.

Facilitated by World Wildlife Fund (WWF), with support from World Resources Institute (WRI), the Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles is a collaboration of leading companies seeking simplified access to the renewable energy they need to meet their clean and low-carbon energy goals.

Member organizations are actively adding renewable energy to their facilities and committing to contracts to buy or invest in offsite renewable energy.