Polycrystalline overall supply chain price decline to expand single and polycrystalline product spreads

Silicon material

This week, the market situation of silicon materials is still on the sidelines, the overall transaction volume is not much, the situation is similar to February this year. At present, orders for domestic first- and second-line silicon materials are all at the end of May and early June. Therefore, in the case that the downstream cargo strength is not strong, the price is not actively adjusted. At present, the first-line quotation has not been significantly adjusted. The second-line enterprises have adjusted between the price, the dense material and the vegetable flower proportion. The three-wire silicon material factory has been unable to supply the single crystal dense material, and the inventory has already appeared, so the market is low. The price is mainly based on the offer of the third-line factory.

With the silicon wafer factory under repair capacity, the silicon stock at the wafer end is more obvious than the silicon material factory. Therefore, it is estimated that the SNEC next week will have the bidding price of the buyers and sellers, but the actual time of signing may be extended. At the beginning of June, it is more likely that there will be a large number of transactions, and the price will be revised more clearly.


Although the polysilicon wafer factory has successively revised down the operating rate and reduced the actual output, the price of polycrystalline silicon wafers in the market continues to decline. At present, the domestic high point is already 3.2 yuan per piece, and most of the transactions fall between 3.1 and 3.15 yuan, and the price of the breaking of 3 pieces is also known.

The market demand situation is still not conducive to polysilicon wafers, causing the polysilicon wafer inventory to increase without increasing, but because the silicon wafer end polycrystalline and single crystal spreads are widened, the middle and lower reaches polycrystalline battery sheets and components also follow the adjustment price, polycrystalline products The price/performance ratio seems to have an advantage at present, so that when the price of single crystal silicon is released in June, it may be adjusted again, to be close to the current revision of polycrystalline.


630 has less than a month and a half left, and the demand for polycrystalline is obviously not expected before 630. Second- and third-line polycrystalline battery factories and medium and low-efficiency battery chips have begun to sell, avoiding the loss of price loss and the price falling below Orders of RMB 1.3 per watt have appeared one after another.

Although the domestic first-line battery factory price has dropped from 1.38 –1.4 per watt to 1.35 yuan per watt, but the decline is still far lower than the price reduction of polysilicon wafers and second- and third-line factories, the larger volume will still appear below. During the week of SNEC, the expected price will continue to be revised. Single crystal PERC and conventional monocrystalline cell sheets are still hot, but due to the continuous price reduction of polycrystalline products, considering the cost-effective factors, the space for single crystal products to continue to rise has been limited, and prices have not changed this week.


Due to the lack of polycrystalline demand, the price difference between polycrystalline 270W and 275W components is becoming more and more obvious. At present, the 275W components are temporarily stable, but due to the continuous decline in the price of polycrystalline silicon wafers, it is expected that polycrystalline components will further fall in price.

Source: pvinfolink