CREST urges Chandigarh Police to provide space for solar panel installation: Report

Chandigarh Renewable Energy and Science & Technology Promotion Society (CREST) have reportedly urged Chandigarh Police to provide space for solar panel installation in all its buildings.

So far only 11 out of a total of 37 have installed solar power system in the last two-and-a-half years. The total capacity of the installed system in the 11 buildings is 705 kilowatt ‘peak’ (kWp).

According to The Indian Express the issue has been taken up by IFS Santosh Kumar, CEO of CREST, the monitoring authority, and Chief Conservator of the union territory (UT) forest department.

The report states that the IRB complex in Sarangpur tops the solar power capacity with 500 kWp. A 500 kWp is the peak power of a solar power system designed to supply usable electricity by means of photovoltaics.

Santosh Kumar speaking to the publication said Chandigarh Police officers were advised to analyse the remaining buildings, including the newly constructed police stations, in the view of installation of the solar power system.

“Indeed, the installation of solar power system needs huge space on rooftops. An initial survey will be conducted by the police department. We are working with an aim to install the solar power system in all the government buildings. Besides these, we also urged the police department to use LED lights, instead of routine tube lights and bulbs. The issue was taken with Chandigarh police officers in the recently held Go Green Police Station and Go Green Police Force seminar held at police lines, Sector 26, two days back,” said Kumar.

According to the police department a survey is underway for identifying spaces in the remaining buildings where the solar power system will be installed.

“We have started making all the police stations and police buildings eco-friendly and the solar power system is part of this. Work is on in this direction ,” said DGP, UT, Sanjay Beniwal to the publication.